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Es wurde die Frage gestellt, ob es Flugzeuge im Anflug auf BBI geben wird, wenn man dort zum Bahnhof fährt. Hier ist die Antwort...

There was the question, if flying airplanes will be seen aproaching or departing BBI when we pass the center line of one of the runways with our train. Here is the answer...

Bei der Einfahrt zum Bahnhof BBI kreuzen wir die Centerline zur 07L des neuen Flughafen BBI - Entering the station of new BBI-Airport, our train crosses the center line of runway 07L. An Airbus aproaches.


  1. A little information please: this is the route in developement by aerosoft?
    And there is a data for the route or it's still to early?

  2. Jack,

    I am a member of TrainTeamBerlin. But I am working on behalf of aerosoft.

    I have a dream: community of all people. Btw, I have another dream too: publish Berlin-Wittenberg in the third quarter of that year. I still don't know, if this will become real, because I started the largest place of that add-on two weeks ago: Berlin. I didn't realise, how large that could be, using all possibilities of railworks and balancing that with performance and memory amount... I will finish first 800m of Berlin this week but there are still 11 km. That means nearly 14 weeks I'll work on Berlin. Stay tuned, I will inform the community..

    Kind Regards, Jan

  3. Thank you for the answer!
    I wish you good luck for the project, and i want to say that for what i've seen it has really a good quality. I think i will buy it as soon as it will be released.
    Und alles gute fur deine projeckt!!
    Jack Ryan


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