Berlin - der Weg in die Stadt / the way to Berlin

Die ersten 3.6 km Berliner Stadtgebiet sind fertig. Das betrifft den Abschnitt Teltow - Osdorfer Straße. Es hat ein wenig gedauert, da erst eine ganze Menge für die Infrastruktur der S-Bahn sowie drei architektonisch in sich geschlossene Siedlungsteile (Thermometersiedlung, Westfahlenring) gebaut werden mussten.  Bis heute wurden über 650 Objekte für das Add-on gebaut.Die Bilder zeigen die S-Bahn-Station der S25 nach Hennigsdorf, Lichterfelde Süd in verschiedenen Situationen.

The first 3.6 km on the ground of the city Berlin have been finished: the area beginning in Teltow to Berlin - Osdorfer Strasse.. It took a little time, because there had to be buildt several objects for the infrastructure of Berlin S-Bahn which is a part of the add-on. The city buildings are not represented by standard objects, they show the real housing situation in that area, what is a main guide line for the add-on. Today I have finished the 650th object for the route... The pictures are showing the S-Bahn-station Lichterfelde South on route S25 to Hennigsdorf.

Blick in Richtung Berlin - a look into direction Berlin

am Abend in Richtung City - at night into direction city
Bahnsteig Lichterfelde Süd - platforn Lichterfelde South

der letzter Spätzug nach Berlin - last train to Berlin at night


  1. what train lines in this addon you can ride? and are the original region and s bahn trains in this addon?

    Thank you

    1. The add-on includes tracks from Berlin-Central (tunnel) to Berlin Airport BBI and to Lutherstadt Wittenberg (112km each direction). These tracks can be used for traffic with IC, ICE, RE, RB. Speed limits are between 120 to 200 kph (south of Genshagener Heide mostly 200 kph). Berliner Aussenring (Genshagener Heide to Selchow Junction) and container terminal Grossbeeren to Wittenberg can be used by freight trains too. And: theire will be all facillities for use of Berlin S-Bahn beginning in Teltow-Stadt to Anhalter Bahnhof (12 km each direction). The development of a class 481/482 S-Bahn-trainis in progress, pictures and informations sometimes later. What kind of trains will be included in the add-on is still a secret (for me too LOL it wasn't discussed yet).

  2. Personally I would like to see the ICE, as this could be the german line with highest speed limit currently on railworks, and I'm very interested in driving the ICE at high speed.
    Of course i would really be happy to see some regional train, but I understand that scenarios and rolling stock will come later, for now I can oly say that the route is looking really good!

  3. @RE5: I think the right words would be "destination display". Yes they will be on the stations. There will be fix objects in the route, showing only the "blue screen" with track number. And there will be different objects for placing in the scenarios: a box which is a little bigger than the fixed box, including the informations about trains number an destination. A little bit like in SADs Koeblitzer Bergland.


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